Who we are:  The College Promise Coalition

College Promise Coalition is an unprecedented partnership that brings together advocates for Washington colleges and universities, alongside students, parents, faculty, alumni, education advocates and leaders in business and labor, in order to urge the legislature to make higher education a top priority in our state.  Founded in 2011 to address dramatic cuts to higher education funding, the coalition is entering its third year of fighting to ensure that access to an affordable, quality education remains an option for all Washington families and kids. 

A system in crisis:  The facts

  • Since 2007, Washington’s baccalaureate programs have seen cuts in state funding of nearly 50%.  Community and Technical Schools have seen similar slashes to their funding. 
  • Those cuts are part of a pattern in disinvestment in higher education that threatens to compromise the quality of higher education provided in Washington State and is already limiting access to higher education for many.  In 2000, the state paid for 71% of each student’s education, with 29% coming from tuition.  Today those numbers have flipped--and tuition accounts for 67% of the price educating each student, making obtaining a college degree more and more difficult for middle class families. 
  • Yet the evidence is clear that a college education is a critical component of lifetime success and a well educated workforce is the key to prosperity in the 21st century. We simply can’t afford to fall further and further behind our competitors or break our shared promise to the next generation that we will provide them the education and training they need to succeed in life.   

Our agenda:

Cradle to College:  A quality education system that prepares our kids for the demands of the 21st century is not limited to K-12 but must start with early childhood education and stretch through college programs.  

Protect quality and access:  Washington is #1 in the nation for degrees per dollar.  But we must produce more degrees.  Increased funding will help us achieve that while ensuring our colleges and universities remain affordable by keeping tuition down.  It is also critical that we invest in student aid. Reinvesting in the State Need Grant, College Bound Scholarship, Work Study and other student aid is a crucial part of supporting quality, affordable higher education in Washington State. 

Develop a stable future:  If we are going to continue to compete nationally and globally, and deliver on our constitutional duty to the kids of Washington, it is time to increase funding for our colleges and universities. CPC understands that the legislators in Olympia face difficult choices, but defunding higher education is shortsighted and will undermine the long-term economic vitality of our state.

It’s time to act

Before it is too late, supporters of higher education need to speak loudly and with one voice, in a coordinated and sustained way, to make elected officials in Olympia understand the consequences of their actions on students, on families, on the access to quality higher education and on Washington State’s ability to live up to our shared promise to the next generation that we will provide them the education and training they need to succeed in life.

 Join us: info@collegepromisewa.com